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Shandong Wanlilai Food Co.,Ltd is an enterprise which produces and exports high-quality canned fruits in exchange of foreign currency. Wanlilai company is located in the Difang International Canned Food Industrial City surrounded by the beautiful Yimeng Moutain in Pingyi County. The factory location is convenient in road traffic, facing closely the No.327 National Highway with Yuanshi Railway to the North and Ridong Expressway to the West. Here is an ideal green land for growing and producing high-quality fruits, with fertile soil, fresh air and clean water nurturing and ensuring the health grown of yellow peaches, apples, grapes and strawberries, and so on.
Wanlilai Company was established in September of 2004 with registered capital of RMB22,688,000.00. With total land occupation of 178,000.00 square meters and construction housing area of 141,000.00 square meters, Wanlilai company has modernized and standardized office buildings, workshops, warehouses and labs. We have 8 advanced professional production lines, matched with full machinery and relevant equipments. We have 890 employees including 120 technicians and managing staff with college educational background. And the annual production capacity is more than 50,000 tons.
Our main products include canned yellow peach, canned strawberries, canned apples, canned snow pears, canned apricots and canned fruit cocktail in various cansizes and jarsizes. The fruit raw materials mainly come from our own plantation bases in the local and neighboring towns. For example, the golden yellow peaches are from Wutai Town and Difang Town while apples, pears and apricots are from Tianbao Mountain.We have a total area of more than 44,200.00 Mus of fruit plantation fields, located in the places with non-polluted fresh air, clean and full water supply, ensuring the production of green foods and the successful standardized industrialized model of “Company connecting Plantation Base connecting Farming Household”. Wanlilai company has benefited around 4500 farming households by planting fruit trees and increasing income of around RMB4000 per farmer annually. And so our company has played an important leading role in the local agricultural industrialization.
Wanlilai company has a complete managing systems and advanced model of management. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries such as USA, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Sweden Greece, and so on, and are warmly appreciated by the foreign clients and consumers. Our product series under the two main brands Zhaoxia and Huaxu have been sold to the big and small cities around China and are highly appreciated by the customers and consumers.
Since the establishment of Wanlilai company, with the care and support of different governmental departments and leaders, we always insist on the principle of “Customer-oriented In the First Position and Quality-Concerned In The First Place”, and always consider the managing model of “Survival Depending On Quality, Developing On Benefit”, and we insist on enlarging our producing scale, improving our professionalism and commercialization of own brands. Wanlilai company has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005,and also has been approved the audits of international cerfitications such as 、STAR-K KOSHER 、BRC,IFS、FDA。
Wanlilai company has successively won the honours and titles of “ The Sixth Lot of Leading Enterprise for Provincial Agricultural Industrialization”, “Provincial Female-Model Leading Enterprise”, “City-Level Civilized and Honest Civil Enterprise”, “County-Level Enterprise of Youthful Civilization”,“ Woman Hero Business Experiencing Base”, “ Exportation for Foreign Currency Excellent Enterprise” and “ Star Enterprise for Tax Contribution”, etc.
Since the establishment of Wanlilai company, we have been developed the business and management in a practical and sincere way. While we are growing our business, we teach the farmers to develop industrialized modern agricultural knowledges, help them to get rich. And as a result, we all work together to develop the big-scale industrialization of local agriculture, and implement the national policy of supporting and enriching farmers in a practical and effective way.
Our company has built many plantation bases and signed purchase-price- protected contracts with the farmers. In 2006, we have established the cooperationship with more than 4000 farming households in the local villages like Shangmaoyu, Xiamaoyu, Hongxing, Mengjiahu, Yihe by developing around 22000 Mus of yellow peach plantation fields, 5000 Mus of strawberries, and 17200 Mus of apricots, apples and pears.   We have invested to help the villages and farmers to build the traffic roads among the fields, to provide irrigating equipments and to improve the breed quality of some old fruit trees. All these measures have supported and benefited the village farmers, and also have advanced the process of our country’s development of agricultural industrialization by forming the effective cooperation model of “Factory Connecting Plantation Base Connecting Farming Households”.
This has effectively made the local farmers more active in developing contractual agricultural cooperation, fastened the fruit-processing industry development of advantage-focusing of local resources, advantage-focusing of industrialization and advantage-focusing of product exportation. And this has brought the stable ever-growing development of agriculture industrialization by increasing the farmers’ income, guaranteeing the stable supply of fruit material to our factory, and increasing the percentage of fruit-processing industry in the structure of plantation-agricultural industry and even the whole rural farming economy.
At the same time, this has resulted in providing more than 1600 local job opportunity, organizing more than 12000 farmers in the plantation fields, creating economical chances for more than 9 enterprises involving cartons, glass and tin production industry, and also has brought working chances to form the establishment of more than 16 transportation companies.


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