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Why do some fruit sweeter than before?

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  When you eat fruit, there is no comparing it carefully taste? Have you ever thought about global warming, the weather might change what we eat fruit flavors? One research shows that global warming is making Apple subtle changes, grapes, pears and watermelon and other fruit flavors occur. Your child to eat fruit or taste it?
  Rising temperatures
  Apple increase in sugar
  Sweet and sour, juicy fruit is one of many people's favorite foods. Recent food goods friends in the discussion, many fruit flavors and a child are not the same as, for example, unlike in the past Red Fuji apple sour, sweet, good kind is a single level. Pears seems not so crisp, fruity why the memory of the past few decades changed so much?
  Fuji in Japan, for example, studies have found that there is strong evidence to show, Nagano Prefecture from 1970 to 2010 the temperature rose by 1.3 degrees Celsius, Aomori Prefecture from 1975 to 2010 the temperature rose by 1.2 degrees Celsius. During this period of rising temperatures, the two "Fuji" Apple acidic ingredients an average reduction of 15%, sugar is increased by 5% on average.
  Fruit sweeter
  Color change will occur
  For this study, Professor Wang told reporters in Nanjing Agricultural University explains, it is true, in fact, not just Apple, as global warming, sweeteners are many varieties of fruits are common trends, such as pears , watermelon and so on. He explained that, from a professional point of view, how the taste of a fruit, sugar acid ratio is very important.
  Viticulture expert Nanjing Agricultural College's Professor Tao Jianmin told reporters that the same kind of grapes in different areas of light and heat conditions, planting out not only taste different, and the colors are different.
  This grape varieties such as red grapes, it is black in the Xinjiang region, but the same breed to get Nanjing to grow, that is pink, sweet taste on different. Also, why the different French wine vintage wine price disparities, but also because in different years, different conditions of rain and heat, long out of the grapes taste a big difference, lest the wine tastes different.
  Miss the old flavor
  How to combat climate change
  France's grape growers and climatologists believe that the impact of global warming will be far-reaching, vineyards are more vulnerable in the face of new pests and diseases.
  In addition, we are looking for former fruit flavor, but global warming seems to become a trend, then how can the fruit flavors "against the" climate change?
  This expert explained that adaptation to climate change, and to maintain the original taste of the fruit, a fruit growing is to adjust the geographical, climatic fluctuations after finding the original cultivation area and about the same climate conditions, there is a way is selected from the fruit germplasm bank in more good genes, nurture for climate change, but has a mature taste of fruit germplasm resources.
  For example, some precocious currently on the market, the winter cooked apple varieties more suitable in the southern region that is under hotter conditions of survival, quality will be relatively easy to maintain.

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