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Evolution of canned food bottles

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   Now, people are constantly accelerating pace of life. Especially at lunch, people more and some will choose fast food fast food. In this context, canned food also ushered in faster development. According to relevant statistics, China's canned food market has reached 500 billion in size. This is also a huge market for canned food bottles spawned great demand.
   In the past, mainly canned food bottles glass jars plus tinplate cover this form of packaging based. Such a package is now on the market is still relatively popular. However, with the changing times. People that require canned food bottles are constantly changing.
   This glass bottle canned food canned hand is very heavy, it is not convenient to carry around on the go or field trip, and we all know there are many cases of canned precisely the people on the go use. The other is the tinplate cans bottles, although high tightness. However inconvenient to open, especially in some effort to open a very small lady strenuous.
   Now, the market emerging plastic jar of canned food bottles to PET as a material, very light. At the same time in the form of easy-open lid and the outer cover portfolio in the open is also more convenient. It should be said in the future there will be more and more bottles of canned food in the form of plastic containers.
   In short, canned food market is very large bottle, likewise, needs are constantly changing. Therefore, this type of packaging needs of our business-to-market with more research and observation.

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