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Precautions to pick three canned

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  Choose well-known brands: all aspects of well-known production of canned, from raw materials to processing, the program is very standardized, security, health, nutrition, etc. are no problem. On the contrary, those who owned small canning factory, in order to reap huge profits, use of substandard materials, and the lack of basic knowledge and canning process, so will violate the standard addition of preservatives, colorings, or other harmful additives.
  Carefully observe the packaging:
  Not familiar with the brand for canned fear not tell defective? Okay, observe canned packaging is a very simple way to distinguish. Look at the packaging is neat and clean, printed handwriting is clear. In addition, the regular manufacturers of canned food label shall be marked with name, name and address, list of ingredients, net content, solids content, the implementation of the contents of the standard code, quality grade, and shelf life and so on. Finally, do not forget to look at the production date, shelf life of the product purchase.
  Carefully distinguish quality:
  Next, but also to see the quality of canned itself. Fish, canned meat: Most use these cans tinplate packaging, good canned due to internal vacuum, so the tank top or bottom of the tank should be flat or concave to. Those seal leakage or improper sterilization of canned food, the tank is still bacteria will produce gas, so the tank top or bottom of the tank will be raised, such as canned food can no longer eat.
  Vegetables, canned fruit: Most of these cans use glass bottles, you can see the contents. Good canned contents should be uniform, clear and transparent soup. Not a good canned contents sizes, soup color will be much heavier.

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