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Foreign canned food differences

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Date: Have read:1880

  Canned food in Europe and is recognized as the set of safety, health, food and nutrition in one, very popular. In China, canned foods were considered to be not fresh, not nutrition, junk foods containing preservatives and other features, the popularity of natural far and Europe, which led to differences in the perception of the West is what causes it?
  First, the canned food insecurity is a big misunderstanding cognitive, because the long-term preservation of canned mainly depends on the vacuum, sealing and sterilization, therefore, canned food is absolutely no need to add any preservatives. At present, the basic use of large-scale assembly line production of canned enterprises, the main process is mechanized operations, and the production workshop and staff have quite strict hygiene requirements, each process has a strict standard operation, the implementation of internationally accepted norms of good work, so , canned food security and health of the doubt.
  Secondly, canned food nutrition in the country is often overlooked. Due to the quality of canned food in pre-processing was brought under control and maintain freshness, thus also fresh than most canned food storage and distribution channels are usually fresh produce. Canned food in the harvest of raw materials, transport to the whole process of processing the delay time is very short, and some products even shorter than two hours, which makes canned food to maintain a high nutritional value.
  Again, canned processed foods to retain authentic. This is to save fresh canned food and health, rather than just the pursuit of delicious. Bright overdone canned fruit, are often not qualified small workshop in order to cover not fresh raw materials, adding a large number of additives produced shoddy products, while the regular manufacturers of canned on the use of food additives are in compliance with national standards. Regular canned food manufacturers do not even common sweeteners, canned strict guarantees authentic.
  In addition, some other advantages of canned food is its charm to attract European and American consumers, such as the optional varieties, preservative-free, long shelf life, there are no special requirements for storage conditions, food is also very convenient, you can help people shorten kitchen work time, reduce fumes to give us trouble, which in the ever-accelerating pace of contemporary society, canned food will undoubtedly improve the quality of people's lives.
  As the industry continues to adapt to the international market for its quality, safety requirements, standards, testing and other aspects of a successful docking with the importing country, canning industry has also become one of the system is sound, stable quality, safe and reliable in the industry. Therefore, as long as the step up publicity efforts, and guide more consumers out of misunderstanding, canning industry will be able to achieve a win-win domestic and international markets.

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