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Canned baby food supplement purchase Notes

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  In everyone's minds, the raw material is scrap canned food ingredients, plus a variety of health useless or even harmful food additives made. So, canned baby food is not really so unhealthy it? Eating baby food, canned baby will produce dependence it?
  Mommy dilemma: Xiaoya nine months, from six months to start eating each day Mommy love pig bones stewed porridge, add some carrots modest mud, maybe it is because food supplement monotonous relationship, Xiaoya more porridge for bones increasingly not interested, or even refuse to eat. Xiaoya mother once accidentally saw a friend's house to eat baby purees, puree, canned baby food category floss, Xiaoya Ma Xiaoya heart also want to try it, but in the past, the impression seemed canned food no nutrition, fear or Xiaoya will rely on canned food.
  Canned baby food really unhealthy it?
  In everyone's minds, the raw material is scrap canned food ingredients, plus sweeteners, thickeners, coloring agents, preservatives, food flavors and other unhealthy or harmful food additives made. However, for the majority of baby food brands, this argument is a bit wronged.
  Canned baby food while in the country not to be seen, but in Western countries, especially the United States dedicated to the baby eating canned food. In fact, can be used to make baby food supplement vegetables and fruits, many of which are organic food, organic products, if not, the origin is strictly controlled. Meanwhile, canned food technology in recent years has been steadily progressing, low cooking ingredients can effectively preserve nutrients, steam vacuum capping process can be more effective in maintaining longer fresh food. Many baby canned food does not add preservatives, flavors, pigments and other additives, which we can see from the list of ingredients. Although we can not say how good baby canned food, but the truth is not as bad as we thought.
  Canned baby food will make your baby produce dependence?
  Some people say, why kids like to eat snacks? Because a lot of things by snacks toner inside the flavoring agent and the like, in line with the tastes of the baby, canned food, too. But, as mentioned above, and now the majority of canned baby food supplement regular factory mainly to keep the original flavor of food, if the baby like a kind of canned food, more likely to be in line with the tastes of the baby is not affected by food additives.
  It is said that the majority of Americans grew up eating canned food baby, called "canned baby", so many years have not seen the body abnormalities, but the only thing that is not like gnawing on a bone. Xiao Bian on the Internet in the United States, China saw a mother complain that their biracial child one year old and still eat mashed food supplement canned, fresh food on their own do not be interested, but do not like to chew. It would appear that the long-term eating canned food is likely to produce some dependence, but across the United States are so, even if the relationship seems to have been eating canned food is not great. Now the country has a lot of mothers are advocating Western parenting style will naturally accept canned food, but if you eat excessively, and they are living in China, I do not like to chew and probably a big thing of it.
  How to buy canned baby food supplement?
  The greatest advantage of canned baby food supplement is convenience food, is more suitable for busy families, and processed into food is very suitable for crushing like chewing function also developed small baby, we can appropriately purchase. Here buy canned baby food supplement NOTES:
  1 canned food to see whether there is "fat listen." When microbial contamination, canned fruits they often appear "fat listen to", that is, the central portion of the can bottom and the metal cap projection, which is the propagation of the bacteria to produce a gas tank, causing the tank pressure is greater than the air pressures.
  2 Select no flavors, colors, preservatives canned food. Preservatives mainly sorbic acid, benzoic acid, etc., pigments include amaranth, lemon yellow, carmine, etc., we look at the list of ingredients to buy time to pay attention.
  3 best choice for big brand products, but also to specialize in baby products better. A longer time to market some of the big brand products, has been using for a long time, relatively speaking, more secure.

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