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How to buy high-quality canned?

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1 View of the packaging. Observe the packaging is neat and clean, printed handwriting is clear, whether within the warranty period, but also whether food labels marked with the name of business, address, telephone number and other information.

2 Charles endoplasmic. For glass packaging products, its contents can be observed bump is complete, no foreign body, no turbidity. Normal products have a certain degree of vacuum, knock caps have crisp sound, if there is no vacuum, there is a big possibility that product quality problems.

3 anti-"fat listen." Shape changes do not buy the product, when canned food is microbial contamination, loss of food value, they often produce products "fat listen" phenomenon, namely overpack volume increases.

4 election genuine. Consumers should be at the mall to buy reputable main producing areas of informal enterprises or products have a certain scale production of the product, try not to buy products listed on the mall price reduction treatment.

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